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Based in Fleetwood, we proudly serve Berks and Montgomery counties and parts of the following Pennsylvania counties:

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Garage Door Service and Installation PA

Garage Door Service and Installation PAGarage Door Service and Installation PA

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Garage Door Service and Installation PA

Garage Door Longevity & Safety

Garage Door Springs

Garage door torsion springs are rated by cycle life, with 10,000 cycles ( a cycle being one opening and one closing action) the industry standard minimum. Upgrades are available to around 100,000 cycles. The average spring breaks about every 7 to 12 years. If a garage door has two or more springs and one breaks, all springs should be replaced to maintain proper balance.

Garage Door Failure

The leading causes of garage door failure and/or replacement include lack of maintenance and being hit by vehicles. A proper maintenance schedule for a garage door includes lubrication of the rollers, bearings, pulleys, and springs once a year; washing painted steel surfaces several times a year; painting or refinishing wood surfaces as necessary; and making proper adjustments to the counter balance system as necessary to maintain door balance. A properly balanced garage door should be able to be stopped mid–travel without drifting down or up when operated manually.

Garage Door Safety (from the International Door Association)

  • Do not let children (or adults) play "beat the door". It is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Adults should set a good example. Know how to use the emergency release, in case someone is pinned by the door.
  • Do Not let children play with or use the transmitters or remote controls. Always place and store them out of the reach of children.
  • The pushbutton wall control should be out of the reach of children (at least 5 feet from the floor) and away from all moving parts. Mount and use the button where you can clearly see the moving garage door.

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